Agriculture Victoria, Types in Australia

Agriculture Victoria is the Victorian government department responsible for the growth and security of agriculture in the state. It works in partnership with farmers industries communities and other government agencies to achieve this goal.

Agriculture is a major part of the Victorian economy contributing over billion to the state Gross State Product (GSP) and employing over 260,000 people. Victoria is Australia largest producer of food and fibre products and these make up over half of the state total product exports.

Agriculture Victoria provides a range of services to the agricultural sector including

  • Research and development > Agriculture Victoria Research delivers innovation for economic growth in Victoria agriculture through leading science and strong science capacity.
  • Biosecurity > Agriculture Victoria works to protect Victoria agriculture from pests and diseases.
  • Farm management > Agriculture Victoria provides advice and support to farmers on how to improve their business operations.
  • Market access > Agriculture Victoria helps Victorian farmers to access new markets for their products.
  • Policy development > Agriculture Victoria shapes policy to support the growth of the agricultural sector.

If you are interested in learning more about Agriculture Victoria you can visit their website or contact them by phone or email.

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Types of Agriculture are in Victoria

Victoria boasts a diverse range of agricultural enterprises thriving thanks to its varied climate and fertile soils. Here a breakdown of the main types youll find


  • Dairy > Victoria reigns supreme as Australia dairy king producing over 5.6 billion litres of milk annually.
  • Beef > Beef cattle ranching holds a strong presence accounting for the largest number of farm businesses in the state.
  • Sheep > Sheep farming forms a significant part of the agricultural landscape contributing sheep meat and wool production.
  • Poultry > The poultry industry plays a valuable role providing eggs and chicken meat.
  • Other livestock > From pigs and goats to alpacas and bees various other livestock contribute to the agricultural mix.


  • Grains > Fields of wheat barley oats and canola blanket vast areas making Victoria a leading grain producer.
  • Horticulture > From juicy fruits like grapes apples and berries to vibrant vegetables like potatoes carrots and lettuce Victoria horticulture sector flourishes.
  • Pulses > Lentils faba beans and chickpeas add diversity to the crop portfolio, offering valuable protein sources.


  • Nurseries and floriculture > Nurseries cultivate ornamental plants and flowers enhancing gardens and landscapes.
  • Wine grapes > Victoria renowned wine regions produce exceptional grapes for the acclaimed Australian wine industry.

Beyond traditional categories

  • Aquaculture > Farming of fish and shellfish in controlled environments like fish farms is gaining traction.
  • Agroforestry > Integrating trees and shrubs with crop and livestock production contributes to sustainable land management.

Its important to note that many farms incorporate aspects of different types of agriculture with mixed farming practices becoming increasingly common. This diversity and adaptability help make Victoria agricultural sector resilient and prosperous

Fruit is grown in Victoria

Victoria is a powerhouse in the fruit growing department boasting a diverse range of delicious options

Main players

  • Pome fruit > Apples pears and nashi pears are major players with Victoria contributing a significant portion of Australia total production.
  • Stone fruit > Peaches nectarines apricots cherries and plums all thrive in various parts of the state offering a rainbow of juicy options.
  • Berries > Strawberries raspberries blueberries and blackberries flourish in Victoria climate perfect for fresh eating or baking.
  • Citrus > Oranges lemons grapefruits and limes add a touch of the tropics to the mix enjoyed both locally and exported.

Beyond the usual suspects

  • Exotic fruits > From persimmons and quinces to figs and pomegranates Victoria adventurous side shines through with these special offerings.
  • Nuts > Hazelnuts almonds and walnuts add a crunchy, nutritious element to the fruit scene.

Where to find them

  • Fruit growing regions > The Goulburn Valley Sunraysia, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula are just some of the fertile areas bursting with fruit.
  • Farmers markets > Immerse yourself in the bounty of the season at bustling farmers markets across the state.
  • Pick your own farms > Many farms offer the unique experience of hand picking your own fruit making for a fun family outing.

So whether you re a fruit enthusiast or simply looking for fresh local produce Victoria has something for everyone. Feel free to ask if you like to know more about specific fruits regions or even recipes to make the most of your Victoria grown bounty

conclusion Agriculture Victoria

The conclusion for Agriculture Victoria depends heavily on the specific context of your discussion or inquiry. However here are some potential conclusions you could build on depending on your focus

General conclusion

  • Agriculture Victoria plays a vital role in ensuring the security and growth of Victoria agriculture sector contributing significantly to the state economy and providing food and fibre for Australians and beyond.
  • As a diverse and adaptable agricultural state Victoria thrives on the expertise and support offered by Agriculture Victoria from research and bio security to market access and farm management.
  • Looking ahead Agriculture Victoria dedication to innovation sustainability and collaboration will be crucial in navigating the challenges and opportunities facing the future of Victorian agriculture

Specific conclusion (based on previous topics)

  • Victoria fruit industry supported by Agriculture Victoria boasts a vibrant variety contributing to a healthy and delicious food landscape.
  • Livestock production remains a cornerstone of Victorian agriculture and Agriculture Victoria focus on bio security and farm management helps ensure its continued success.
  • Through initiatives like research and development Agriculture Victoria paves the way for a future of sustainable climate resilient agriculture in Victoria.

Remember the most impactful conclusion will tailor to the specific information or argument you ve been presenting. Please feel free to share more context so I can craft a more targeted and effective conclusion for you.

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